Come raccogliere le recensioni

Come raccogliere le recensioni

Ci sono molti modi in cui un’azienda può raccogliere delle recensioni dai propri clienti, ma non tutti sono sempre facili da applicare in ogni occasione. Ecco alcuni metodi che ti aiuteranno a richiedere un feedback ai tuoi clienti e a perfezionare i tuoi prodotti e servizi lungo il percorso.


1. Have a reviews section on your website

The very first thing you should do in order for you to be able to collect the reviews you wish for is to have a section or form on your website where people will be able to submit their reviews easily. Apart from showing user reviews underneath your products and services, you should also make sure that your customers can also leave some more general reviews regarding your brand and overall services.

This is exactly why having a special spot on your website will be helpful, as you will easily have your user reviews all in one place. On top of that, user reviews that talk mainly about your brand and customer services instead of the particular products/services you provide will help you get a better insight into how your customers think.

2. Make your current reviews public

Another thing you should consider doing is making sure that whatever reviews you get are always available for your customers to find and read. This means that all of the customer service reviews you get should be automatically transferred in a review section under your products/services on your website, possibly in a user feedback section.

This can motivate other customers to leave a review as well, especially if they see you take the time to reply and help people out in whichever way you can. Whether a review is positive or negative, it can still help you improve and make your services even better, so don’t be afraid to post it online.

3. Use customer feedback surveys

Creating a good customer survey might not be the easiest thing, as there are many factors you will need to take into consideration. First of all, there are so many different questions you could ask your customers and answers you can expect. But in any case, you will have to think carefully about what you should be asking.

Your surveys should also be longer in length rather than just a few pop-up windows throughout your website. This way, you can ask more specialized questions and get better and more uniform results.

Depending on whether you do business all around the world or not, you should also make sure to always keep track of such data from all of your customers. Not only should you create a localized survey for each country you work with, but you should also translate the reviews you receive from all over the world in your language of choice. The best way to tackle both of these things is working with either a professional translator or a professional translating service such as PickWriters, which will help you localize your survey’s content without any mistakes and other issues.

4. Do email follow-ups

After a customer has completed an order, you should make sure to always reach out to them by email; thanking them for their purchase and letting them know you are there to help them out with everything they might need along the way. Automation for your emails in this instance is a great way to always collect reviews after a sale has been completed. It will help you keep track of all of your customers’ activities on time.

Not only will that email verify their purchase in their eyes, but it will also make them put more trust into your brand and be more open towards giving you feedback after they have received their goods.

5. Create polls on your social media accounts

Social media platforms have a lot of power and they can truly help you with simplifying the feedback-receiving process by a lot. Platforms such as; Facebook and Twitter give their users the option to host timed polls, where they are able to ask questions and receive answers very easily.

Polls can help you gather feedback on questions or problems you might experience regarding any topic of your business activities. For example, you can ask anything from “How do you find our shipping process?” to “What other products would you like us to create in the future?” Both of these questions will be easy to answer through your social media pages and can help you improve the services you provide your customers with.

6. Utilize usability tests

Usability tests might sound complex and hard to achieve but in reality, they make up for a very simple method of collecting feedback on the services/products your offer. In order to make this easier to understand, usability tests are essentially free trials or your products and services which you will hand out to potential customers and your overall target audience.

By using your products/services for free (for a certain amount of time), people will be more clear on whether they enjoyed them or not. The only thing you will expect from them, in the end, will be an honest customer product review. This way you can collect reviews for your business easily and quickly.

In most cases, people will be satisfied with these free trials and will more than likely end up wanting to continue using your products and services in the long run. Along with that, they will be more likely to share their experience on their social media accounts, therefore bringing more interested people your way.

Non corrompere le persone per una recensione positiva

Raccogliere buone recensioni dai tuoi follower dovrebbe essere onesto e non forzato. Lo scopo di ottenere un feedback è essere aperti alle critiche e accettare che non tutti saranno contenti di ciò che gli offri. Corrompere le persone per una recensione positiva non ti aiuterà mai a risolvere i problemi reali che potrebbero avere i tuoi prodotti/servizi. Quindi, finirai per avere meno vendite e molte recensioni inutili ma positive.

Le buone recensioni del servizio clienti dovrebbero venire naturalmente e non dovresti mai fare di tutto per ottenere recensioni online, soprattutto se sono pagate. Anche se ti accorgi di avere alcune recensioni negative su Yelp o anche sul tuo sito web, dovresti usarle in modo positivo.

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Frequently asked questions

Come si fa a convincere un cliente a lasciare una recensione?

Ci sono molti modi in cui un’azienda può raccogliere recensioni dai propri clienti, ma non tutti sono sempre facili da applicare in ogni occasione. Per indurre un cliente a lasciare una recensione, puoi creare una sezione dedicata alle recensioni sul tuo sito web, pubblicare dei sondaggi SoMe o inviare dei sondaggi di feedback per incoraggiare il consumatore. Che una recensione sia positiva o negativa, può comunque aiutarti a migliorare e a rendere i tuoi servizi ancora migliori.

Come posso ottenere delle recensioni positive?

Il modo più naturale e ottimale per ottenere una recensione positiva è sfruttare un momento in cui il cliente è soddisfatto del tuo prodotto/servizio. In questi momenti, il consumatore è più propenso a fornirti una recensione positiva come forma di reciprocità.

Dovresti pagare per avere delle recensioni positive?

Corrompere le persone per ottenere una recensione positiva non ti aiuterà mai a risolvere i problemi reali dei tuoi prodotti/servizi. Pertanto, finirai per avere meno vendite e molte recensioni inutili ma positive.

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